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welcome home
the ness is an intimate oasis where fit [ness] meets your [ness]

the workout method is anything but ordinary. offering bounce, a beat based trampoline class that will challenge you both mentally and physically and sculpt, the perfect complement to bounce that will leave you strong, lean, balanced and focused.

in studio, the small class setting is more like an effervescent private session with your friends than your average fitness class. trainers take off their hats and join you in sweating through an effective and engaging 50 minutes.

get an exclusive peek into our NYC studio with these curated videos designed to bring your [ness] to you wherever you are.

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  • sculpt
    12 videos


    12 videos

    a full body, beat-based sculpt session that uses a variety of props such as skimmers, free weights, resistance bands and body weight. designed to leave you strong, lean, balanced and focused, sculpt is the perfect compliment to bounce. sneakers suggested

  • bounce
    12 videos


    12 videos

    our signature trampoline cardio class. bounce is a beat-based, low impact, high adrenaline workout that will challenge you both mentally and physically. in each class, you will learn a unique combination, activate your lymphatic system and leave thinking about your next bounce.

  • the basics
    17 videos

    the basics

    17 videos

    individual tutorials on our basic moves for anyone new to bounce or those wanting a refresher on the form and execution of certain moves.